Paper Supply Chain Issues: Here’s What You Should Know

May 30, 2022 studiob2

Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by studiob2

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in so many ways, and the distribution of everyday products is just one. You’ve probably looked for items on shelves that are no longer able to be stocked. Did you know that paper is one of those items experiencing supply chain constraints?

It’s true, though this was likely to happen even if we’d never heard of coronavirus. The prices of pulp and paper have been increasing since 2017 and are now 38% higher. Combined with decreased production from plants closing due to the pandemic (both from a temporary decrease in demand from workers staying home and lack of labor), plus the impact on transportation, and you’ve got the perfect storm for paper supply chain issues.

Is There a Shortage of Printing Paper?

Yes, there is currently a shortage, and members of the World Print & Communication Forum (WPCF) have indicated that there may be repercussions around the world. In fact, this paper supply chain issue may even affect the 2022 elections in the United States. In short supply, paper for ballets and envelops are essential.

What Does That Mean for Marketing Communications?

Print media has shown since the beginning of the internet that it’s not going anywhere despite technology. Though there is a greater shift toward digital marketing now, print will continue to complement online advertising and facilitate a transition to more sustainable and / or creative ways to market offline.

Printed materials offer many things that digital communication can’t, such as a tactile experience that can engage multiple senses. This is especially true when unexpected textures are present. For example, being handed a light-weight metal business card when you’re expecting paper draws you in.

Additionally, when reading print, there are no interruptions such as pop-ups to take attention away. And, attention is often held longer because of the senses engaged that require greater focus.

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