6 Printing Services in Delray Beach to Promote Your Biz

March 17, 2021
March 17, 2021 studiob2

Last Updated on March 17, 2021 by studiob2

Even in the digital age, print materials are an important part of any good marketing strategy. Tangible reminders familiarize customers with your brand and engage them. Here are some exciting printing services in Delray Beach to promote your biz.

#1 Printing Service in Delray Beach: Business Cards

Your business card may be the first thing a customer receives from your business, so they should make a great first impression. Your card should align with the nature of your business and feature a prominently placed, professionally designed logo. 

#2: Brochures

Tangible, printed brochures are an opportunity to engage with potential customers. Studies show that print is more engaging and people spend more time reading printed materials than digital ones. High-quality printed materials also increase trust in the minds of clients.

#3: Apparel

Shirts, hats, and more can bear your logo forth into the community. Apparel is a far-reaching visual ambassador for your business. It promotes awareness of your business everywhere it is worn. When worn by your team, it creates a very put-together, professional look. 

#4: Pens

Useful items are most likely to be kept. Everyone needs a pen, and it’s a tangible and useful reminder of your business. They’re small and easy to take with you, and pens are an affordable option to use as a giveaway for potential customers.

#5. Banners

Stand out at events, as printing services in Delray Beach including banners, help you draw attention. A banner is a visible attention getter at trade shows or outdoor events. They are a professional and portable way to make your logo and business name visible.

#6 Printing Service in Delray Beach: Postcards

For those in the travel or service industry, a postcard is a must. Customers enjoy taking home a piece of their getaway or sending it along. They’re also an excellent way to remind customers of scheduled appointments. Postcards are a tangible way to engage with customers through print.

If you need printing services in Delray Beach to promote your business, Studio B2 offers high quality, professionally designed material and apparel. No logo, no problem! In addition to printed materials, we also help businesses craft logo designs that align with your business. The professional designers at Studio B2 are ready to help you elevate your business and increase awareness. Call us today to learn more 954-854-6148.