#1 Way to Make Your Event Stand Out? Metal Invitations!

April 30, 2022
April 30, 2022 studiob2

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The best way to say, “You’re Invited” is without a doubt metal invitations! If you haven’t seen this latest trend to let people know you’d like them to be your guest, it’s time for you to learn more about how you can really add that “wow” factor that sets the tone for your affair. After all, you’ve defined who your ideal guest is, chosen the perfect location, and have planned every other detail to ensure the occasion will be a success. So, you don’t want to overlook how much the invitation factors into getting guests where you want them to be.

Here Are 16 Great Ways to Use Metal Invitations for Events!

  1. Anniversary Parties
  2. Awards Ceremonies
  3. Baby Showers
  4. Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah
  5. Birthday Parties
  6. Company Outings
  7. Conferences / Seminars / Workshops
  8. Fundraising Events
  9. Graduation Parties
  10. Housewarming Parties
  11. Marketing Events (VIP events, craft shows, fashion shows, health fairs, art fairs, vendor shows, music festivals, grand openings, product launches, launching new websites, etc)
  12. Red Carpet Events
  13. “Save the Date” for Advanced Scheduling
  14. Sporting Events
  15. Wedding Invitations
  16. Any other social event you’re planning

The possibilities are nearly endless. You can not only use metal for invitations but for employee recognition certificates, VIP passes for your event, parting gifts, or other ways to show you care.

Why Should You Choose Metal Event Invitations?

There are so many reasons this fun and modern spin on guest invites is trending right now.  They are completely customizable, and you can even shape them any way you want. If you’re opening a new craft store, you could have your cutout invitation be shaped like a palette with paint brushes. Restaurants could shape theirs into the new menu item that’s launching soon, or graduates may choose to have the invite shaped as a cap complete with tassel.

Other top reasons? They’re versatile, attention grabbing, durable, and virtually indestructible. Why wouldn’t you choose metal to set yourself apart?

What Better Way to Say, “Be Our Guest,” Than With Metal Invitations From Studio B2?!

Ready to design the perfect metal invitations that show off your personality while inviting others to your event? Then contact us, and let us help craft the look you really want!

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