One tried and true way of getting your name out there is with business swag. Having your name on wearable items is excellent for both employees and for general wear. You never know when someone may see your name on a shirt, hat, or other item and ask questions or even give you a call. Your apparel can easily be used as a walking billboard and has the benefit of being worn anywhere.

Custom Branded Apparel Catches Attention, Promotes Brand Awareness, and Instills Confidence in Your Business

Your goal as a business is to catch the attention of potential customers and turn them into repeat customers. Having your employees wear items that exemplify your business and look great creates a great impression on customers. Since first impressions are so important, be sure to give a good one. You can also have clothing items made to give away or sell that help to get your brand name out there. Be sure your apparel has awesome graphics and also sports your logo, so your brand stands out.

Studio Bs offers a wide variety of professional apparel types, including dye sublimation, embroidery, and silkscreening. Available apparel includes:

  • Button-up dress shirts
  • Hats, including baseball caps
  • Sports jerseys
  • Polos
  • And many other custom items

Let Studio B2 Open the Door to Increased Sales by Creating Amazing Swag for Your Company

Our company can do everything from creating the graphics to printing for your apparel. We do bulk orders of 48+ items, and items must be ordered in multiples of 12. If you already have a design and / or logo, bring it with you for us to print! Whether you want a simple logo shirt or something more elaborate, we can help. Call us today at 954-854-6148, to learn more about getting custom apparel printed for your company today.