Print vs Digital: Why Printing Services in West Palm Beach Are Just as Popular as Ever

May 31, 2022 studiob2

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Since the dawn of the internet, the powers that be have said that print media will become obsolete. While there has been a shift toward digital media, print is still holding strong. Handheld devices have made e-books popular, but there is still nothing like the feel of a book in your hands, and more than half of people who enjoy reading prefer a physical version. But, what about for marketing materials? Are online ads better or printed products? They’re actually both great, and printing services in West Palm Beach are still quite relevant, especially when combined with digital marketing. Here’s the scoop!

Print Is Still Vital to the Success of a Business, and Here’s Why

Printed materials such as brochures, direct mailers, pens, business cards, and other items are always around as a reminder to your audience of your contact information. Unlike digital ads that disappear as soon as another page is clicked on, they can be referred to time and again.

You can also physically place them where your target audience is or will be. With online ads, you have to hope that anyone clicking on sites where your information is displayed is actually in your target market. People use the internet as a research tool and may not always be looking for businesses like yours just because they did a related search.

There will always be a need for print in certain industries such as construction, so paper is here to stay. This leads to creativity of its use, as people come up with new and improved ways to utilize high-quality printed products.

Lastly, though there are still many more reasons print can help your business boom, print allows you to share information in a more cost-effective and more predictable way. There’s no guessing how much each direct-mail postcard will cost you to send. You get an exact flat-rate quote and can choose the size that best fits your budget no matter how small it may be. With digital ads, you typically need a very large budget for it to be effective, and the price changes based on various factors such as who you’re targeting and your industry. It’s quite complicated and changes regularly, while the effects of print marketing are more easily calculated and remain relatively unchanged.

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