Photography Licensing Part 1: What Is a License, and Why It’s Essential to Licence Your Photography

January 27, 2022 studiob2

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As a photographer, you understand the value of your work and you want to make sure that others do as well. To be properly compensated and credited for your work, you must learn a bit about the basics of photo usage rights and how to license your photography. There are plenty of licensing options, depending on your needs. 

What Is a Photography License?

In general, photo licenses are contracts that allow the creator of a photograph and the user of a photograph to come to an agreement about the ways a photograph can be used. There is often a fee involved for the use of the photograph. 

There are a few different ways a photo can be used. For example, a photo may be used commercially, editorially, or for promotion. The license should also be clear about which form a photo can be used in, such as whether the photo be used in print materials, online, or both.

There are some other parameters that can be put in place when it comes to photo licensing. Usage right types can be laid out. You can choose non-exclusive rights of use and exclusive rights of use. Non-exclusive rights of use mean that the photo can only be used in the way that is described. Exclusive rights of use allow the licensee to use the images in any way they see fit.

You can limit the rights of your photos by location, content, or by the time the photo can be used. This means you can define when your image can be used and where. In a contract, you can also choose whether or not you want to be credited and in what way. 

Another important component of photo licensing is whether or not you grant editing rights to your image. You can also make it clear if you want to authorize sublicenses or the transference of usage rights. 

Why Should You License Your Photography?

You should license your photography because it gives you the opportunity to be in control of how your images are used. By writing out how you would like to be credited, you are also able to get credit for your work or not, depending on your preference.

Having licenses for your photography makes things easier in the long run. By being able to clearly show who has the usage rights of a photo, it protects you and someone looking to use your photo. This also makes it much easier to deal with any third parties who are interested in using your photo.

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