Top 5 Benefits of Powder Coating: The Advantage Over Liquid Paint for Signs and Other

January 19, 2022
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January 19, 2022 studiob2

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A dry coating process applied that can be used to finish metal, powder coating has many advantages over paint, especially for signage. It’s extraordinary durability alone sets it apart for many applications. What makes it so great? Take a look at these top 5 benefits!

1. With Powder Coating, You Get Unmatched Durability

Powder coating is created by electrostatically applying a dry powder, which is is cured in an oven. As a result, metal is left with an extremely durable finish that is significantly harder than liquid paint. This helps the finish hold up against plenty of wear and tear. 

2. Many Unique Surface Finishes Are Available

With liquid paint, you only have a few finish options. However, with a powder finish, you can get a number of different types of coatings.

3. You’ll Love the Smooth Texture

Due to its texture, the result smooth and consistent. With liquid coatings, running and sagging is more common. Many colors of the powder can be used before curing occurs. This means that all the colors are blended together in a single layer. 

4. Powder Coating Is Cost Efficient

Thanks to the longevity of this finish it will last longer, which means that you may spend less money on repainting or replacing. You may end up spending a fair amount of money upfront, but that cost will balance out over time. 

5. Environmental Friendliness Is a Major Plus

Powder coating is very eco-friendly because the product is reusable and recycled, unlike other options. The process to create it produces almost no waste, and the waste products that are produced are not as harmful as the waste products produced for other coating types. Solvents are also not used in the product.

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