Top 3 Reasons to Keep a Graphic Designer on Retainer

October 31, 2022 studiob2

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by studiob2

Choices. In 2022, there are myriad choices when it comes to anything – restaurants, clothing stores, car brands, home builders, even social media platforms. It’s wonderful to have so many possibilities, especially if you’re a business owner. You may not realize, but when it comes to hiring a graphic designer for communicating to your target audience, you have choices. While many large national brands have a designer on payroll, that’s not always the best choice for small businesses, even when you have quite a bit of work to assign them. Instead of contracting with local graphic designers every time you have a project or hiring an employee, you have another choice – keeping the best graphic designer on retainer who knows and understands your business.

Here Are the Top 3 Reasons to Keep a Graphic Designer on Retainer

  1. It saves money. Keeping a designer on retainer through an annual contract allows you to know exactly what you’re planning to spend every month and can help keep you on budget. Also, it eliminates the expense of hiring an employee, which costs an average of $4,129 according to the Society for Human Resource Management. This frees up the money from the hiring process and a salary for other items in your budget that need attention.
  2. It saves time. No more scrambling to find a designer who is available every time you need design work! This is an incredibly difficult and frustrating process, especially if you’re constantly switching designers, which may be due to lack of availability, lack of compatibility, low-quality work, or other issue. No one wants to have to re-explain their brand and goals for their projects to new designers all the time. With a graphic designer on retainer, they’re available when you need them and already have insider knowledge and deep understanding of your business and how you wish to communicate through design materials. Additionally, you can keep your focus on whatever needs your time instead of diverting your attention to hiring and communicating with a designer.
  3. Your designs maintain consistency. If you’re trying to build your brand, this is a really essential component. Consistency builds consumer trust, so all of your designs need to be consistent across the board from your logo to directional signage to direct mail postcards and beyond.

Studio B2 Now Offers Graphic Design Contracts for Brand Consistency and Real Results, Saving Your Business Time and Money

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