Custom LED Neon Signs vs Neon Signs: Which Outshines the Other?

April 13, 2022
April 13, 2022 studiob2

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Traditionally, neon signs are made out of glass tubes, neon gas, and argon gas. However, in recent years LED lights can be made to look like neon. Is one option better than the other? And which type of signage is best for your company? Read on to learn more about the advantages of LED neon signs for windows, sidewalks, walls, and anywhere else when it comes to communicating your message with your audience. 

LED Offers Convenience

LED neon signage is significantly more convenient than traditional neon for a number of reasons. Firstly, LED neon requires little maintenance, while traditional neon signs need regular cleaning. The more modern sign is also easier to install, since no specialist is required and it is much easier to move an LED neon sign should the need arise. 

Safety Is a Priority With LED Neon

Traditional neon lights made from glass can break. When this happens the glass itself proves a safety hazard, and so do the gasses released. On the other hand, LED neon does not shatter, and they are not sensitive to heat.

LED Neon Lights Are More Cost-Effective

Due to the materials needed to make traditional neon signage, they can be quite expensive to repair, replace, or buy in the first place. In comparison, LED neon signs are cheaper in every way. 

You Have More Variety With LED

LED neon signs are more customizable than traditional neon. With traditional neon, the neon must be mixed with noble gasses to produce different colors. So, the color range is somewhat limited. LED signs can come in a much larger range of colors, and you can even get signs that change color. 

The glass used in traditional signs is not very malleable. As a result, shapes are limited. Meanwhile, LED neon flex signs are much more versatile. So, you can create a custom sign that is perfect for your business in any size or shape with flexibility to change your sign layout if you so choose. 

Aesthetic Value Is Greater With LED Neo Signage

In modern times, many businesses understand the value of having an aesthetically appealing setting that encourages customers to take photos and spread the word about your brand. LED neon photographs much better than traditional neon.

Bring Your Company Into the Future with LED Neon Signs

If you are in the market for LED signs, it is vitally important to find the right custom signage designer for you. Studio B2 can create eye-catching signs that match your brand identity after a strategy session with you to determine exactly what you want from your signage. To book your strategy call with us for custom LED neon signs, contact us at 954-854-6148 today!