What Is Direct Mail Marketing, & How Can It Help Your Business?

September 30, 2021 studiob2

Last Updated on October 1, 2021 by studiob2

Mail is a reliable way to reach potential customers. A recent survey shows that 54% of people tried a new product or service after receiving information in the mail. So, direct mail marketing through print media truly works! Here’s what you need to know about direct mailing and how it can help your business.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mailing is a tried-and-true marketing tool that sends a tangible marketing piece through the mail and directly into the hands of a potential customer. With a response rate of 5.3 percent, it’s only about 1% behind social media marketing efforts. With customers getting fewer direct mail pieces these days, it means your brochure, postcard, or flyer has a greater potential to get the attention it deserves. So, how does it help?

It Reaches Customers Who Aren’t As Active On Social Media

Social media marketing campaigns won’t reach customers that don’t use social media. But, everyone gets mail. Running a direct mailing campaign reaches those customers that are less likely to be active online.

Creative Direct Mailing Pieces Stand Out

Because it’s tangible and must be handled, it has a lot of potential for creativity. Take advantage of the potential and be creative with your direct mailing campaign. Be sure it’s memorable and spurs customers to take action. Include a coupon that can be used physically or online, so they’re more likely to keep your mailer and take action.

Direct Mail Marketing Pieces Have Potential to Last

It’s easy to lose track of an email or forget to take action later on online promotions. Direct mailers are physical and are often kept and put on a refrigerator as a reminder to take action. 

Use It to Drive Customers to Your Web Site or Social Media

Now that you’ve got their attention, be sure to include information in your mailer about how to find your business online. Encourage them to follow you online by using scannable coupon codes, hashtags, and more. 

It’s Use Is Flexible

Whether you’re trying to get customers in the door or on your web site, direct mail offers a flexible way to call customers to action. Give them a coupon or discount code that can be used either in person or online. Offer the savings, and direct them on where to go to use it.

Track the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mailing Campaign and Engage With Customers

As with any marketing campaign, it’s important to measure the response rate to your direct mail campaign. And keep a database of customers, so you’ll know who to reach out to for future promotions.

Hire Professionals for Effective Print Media for Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns!

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