3 Reasons You Need Custom Campaign Signs & Other Materials to Increase Engagement

June 28, 2022 studiob2

Last Updated on June 28, 2022 by studiob2

No matter your political party, you need people to know who you are, what office you’re seeking, and why you’re the best candidate for the job when running for any office. Campaign signs are an essential part of a successful bid, as you can put your info out in front of a lot of voters in a cost-effective way when utilizing space in high-traffic areas. Well-designed custom campaign signs placed on public property, as well as other printed materials, are a tangible way to increase your reach. Here’s why you need them.

1. Custom Campaign Signs Inspire Action

They are meant to encourage voters to head to the polls to vote for you. But, what if they don’t know anything about you? You can add a QR code linking to your website or spell out your web address in an easy-to-read fashion. Invite your readers to get to know you in any way you can through strategic calls to action on your signage, then call for their support on your website.

2. Political Yard Signs and Other Printed Materials Create a Connection Through Images

With custom messaging on signage or other marketing materials, you can really let your market get to know you. Add a photo of yourself, solo or with your family. Let them see your friendly smile and trustworthy face. There is no doubt about it – photos have the power to influence people! This is especially helpful in local races when your name doesn’t have the power of facial recognition amongst people who don’t know you.

3. Campaign Signs Work

A study published in 2016 on their effectiveness found that yard signs offer a small boost in the chances of a candidate being elected when placed in relevant campaign areas. Since political yard signs are much more affordable than billboards, this is a great way to spread the word.

To Effectively Use Custom Campaign Signs to Increase Your Support, Choose Studio B2

Offering a wide variety of custom print options including yard signs, brochures, and postcard mailers, we can also create the perfect branding design(s) for your campaign materials. Plus, we offer professional photography at our one-stop marketing shop! To let us help bring your vision for campaign signage and other material to life, contact us today at 954-854-6148.