October Is Self-Promotion Month – How Are You Planning to Promote Yourself and Your Small Biz This Month?

October 22, 2021
October 22, 2021 studiob2

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Did you know October is Self-Promotion Month? No, you don’t need a real megaphone to shout about your biz – you just need the right tools. You are working hard on your small business and that work and your passion deserves recognition! So, how do you make sure that your self-promotion really works for you and your business? We know you don’t have time to spend thinking about it – you need to focus on your products and / or services. So, here are some great tips to make sure Self-Promotion Month increases awareness of your brand!

Make Sure Your Design And Story Align

The first step of marketing your brand and small business is making sure that you have a consistent brand and story. You want to make sure that every element of your marketing materials aligns with that story while being compatible with reaching your audience. These elements include everything from your logo to photography to printed materials to signs in an office or brick and mortar space.   

Set Realistic as Well as Difficult Goals For Yourself

Give yourself a few realistic self-promotion goals for the month but also make a list of wild goals that may or may not happen. This can help you tap into the directions your business can go in, and this can broaden what you think you can accomplish.

Network, Network, Network

Every person you meet is a potential friend in your brand’s clique. You never know who is going to be a great collaborator or advice giver, so discuss your brand as much as possible, and be sure to always have plenty of business cards on hand. With equal measure, listen to what others have to say about their own brands. 


Once you have a trusted network, you can find people within that web who you can collab with. This allows you to reach other audiences and potentially expand your network even more. Building your community is a very important part of taking care of your own brand. And the bonus? You get to work with a fellow business owner, too!

Focus on Customer Service

Take this time to double or even triple your focus on customer service. Make each customer interaction even better than the last, whether it is in person or online.

Think Outside the Box

Once you have a good marketing baseline for your brand, consider going beyond typical online and print advertising and promote your brand through videography, apparel, or amazing 3D virtual tours that are very on-trend right now.

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