Direct to Garment vs. Screen Printing in Delray Beach

May 28, 2021
May 28, 2021 studiob2

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Okay, you’re considering custom apparel to help increase brand awareness. Great call! Why? Because you likely need cost-effective marketing to help grow your business (what biz owner doesn’t?!). Your competition is likely marketing through apparel, but so far, you’re not sure exactly where to start with this. You know you want to make a great first impression on your target market with clothing and other gear. So, what do you do? Turn to our experts to help you decide what garments will help you grow faster and which printing method is best for those garments.

Two of the top printing methods used are direct-to-garment (DTG) and screen printing. If you’re looking to create custom attire, both are excellent choices. But, how do you know which to choose? Here’s the nitty gritty on both methods to help you understand direct-to-garment vs. screen printing in Delray Beach and choose the best one for you.

What Is Direct-to-Garment Printing?

Chances are you’ve heard of screen printing, but maybe you’re not familiar with the newer direct-to-garment printing method. DTG uses newer methods of applying ink to an article of clothing using a large digital printer. Each garment is run through the printer, and a single layer of ink is applied. It’s gaining popularity, because it prints highly detailed images at a high quality.  

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the more traditional option where stencils are crafted and then ink is pressed into the fabric one color at a time, saturating the fabric for vibrant, lasting results.

When Should I Choose Direct-to-Garment?

Which method you choose really depends on the design you have in mind. For elaborate designs with many colors, DTG is probably the one you want. And, while the colors are not as vibrant as screen printing, you’ll have access to many more colors in your design. Many people opt for DTG printing when the design is intricate and they need a smaller volume of quality garments.

When Should I Choose Screen Printing in Delray Beach?

Designs that use vibrant color in either artwork or text and are limited to just a few colors are perfect for screen printing. It’s also a cost-effective option for large orders of high-quality, customized garments. Typically you’ll experience a savings the more shirts you order, because each shirt will use the same custom stencils.

Does Your Business Need Quality Direct-to-Garment or Screen Printing in Delray Beach?

Studio B2 produces quality customized gear to help you increase your bottom line, and we’re ready to use our design and printing skills to help you promote your business or event. There’s no denying that your business could stand to grow, and you can do that by choosing the right apparel and the right type of printing. For more information about our direct to garment and screen printing offerings, call us today at 954-854-6148.