4 Basic Elements of Good Photography

December 30, 2022 studiob2

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by studiob2

A great photograph, whether it be for commercial or personal use, is going to have essential elements. It’s the way a photographer uses them that makes the difference. You’ll know talent when you see the following 4 basic elements of photography combined so photos truly tell a story.

Here Are 4 Basic Elements of Good Photography

1. Composition and Framing

There is a trick to beautiful composition and framing. It’s called the Rule of Thirds. A good photographer implements this rule to create compelling, balanced images. 

This is typically done by imaging a ruler and dividing subjects into thirds until a photographer has the image of a grid in their mind. They then use that imaginary grid to position the subject matter. This rule can apply to anything – buildings, people, or products. 

2. Lighting and Color

Lighting is the element that brings photography to life. Whether it’s done during a shoot or after using the latest software, the right lighting elevates images. In commercial photographers, special attention should be paid to color palettes and / or themes and highlight a client’s merchandise or facility. 

3. Capture a Moment

This would fall along the lines of telling a story. This is what photographers do – they tell stories through images. Capturing a moment means finding the human element. When it comes to commercial photography, it’s important to capture the hard work of a business and staff or demonstrate successfully the quality of products in such a way that customers can relate.  

4. Professional Manner

While this falls more in line with what makes a great photographer, it’s also a necessary basic element. A professional photographer is one who is creative and has an eye for detail. They should also have flexibility and patience. 

Most importantly, a great photographer is passionate about their work and understands everything it takes to make sure you get the high-quality images you desire. 

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