What You Need to Know About Large Format Printing and Its Uses

August 2, 2021 studiob2

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It’s easy to take your signage for granted, but it works hard for you every day. So, you need to make sure your business signage is looking its best, staying up to date with the latest trends, including colors, sizes, and fonts. Your signs project your company’s image and need to convey a professional look. Here’s what you need to know about large format printing for signage and its uses.

What Is Large Format Printing?

Banners, posters, displays and many signs are all produced using this particular type of printing. Large format printing describes anything too large to be printed without special equipment. To print on a larger scale and on typically sturdier material, a special printer and even special ink is used to create the professional and lasting piece(s) you want. As the item is printed, ultraviolet ink uses ultraviolet light to turn liquid ink into a solid for bold images and lettering. 

Popular Printed Materials

Getting noticed is easy when you use materials printed in a large format. Banners may be printed on a variety of materials to suit their use be it indoor or outdoor. Window displays, free standing displays, signs, and flags are some of your many options to grab attention at home base or on the go.

Many Options for Material and Finish

As printing technology has advanced, more choices are available. Options include:

  • Customized dimensions
  • Matte or glossy finish
  • Variety of material choices from rigid to flexible

Good Signs Are Crucial for Your Branding!

Getting noticed for your professional look is a good thing. Good signs help you stand out in the crowd. In today’s competitive market, making the right impression is key, and more companies are choosing a professional look.

At outdoor events, good signage draws more foot traffic your way. Large format printing gives you high-quality, memorable signage whether you’re directing people to your door, booking services, launching a new product, or anything else. 

For the Best Rates, Design, and Quality Signage Using Large Format Printing, You Need Studio B2!

For quality, professional signage of all sizes, including large format printing, the professionals at Studio B2 are ready to help you get noticed and shed your info and brand in a good light. To find out more about how our designers can create the right sign for your needs, contact us today for a consultation at 954-854-6148.