Successful Rebranding: 6 Companies That Made Reinventing Themselves Look Easy

March 7, 2022
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March 7, 2022 studiob2

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Making the decision to rebrand your company is not always easy, but all the effort that goes into once you do will be rewarded. There are countless companies that have been able to positively transform their business after a successful rebranding. Here are just a few of those companies to help inspire you as you consider rebrand your own company.  

1. Target

Target is known as one of the biggest success stories when it comes to rebranding. After being known as one of many big stores selling cheap items, Target built a reputation in the early 2000s that appealed to customers willing to spend more. on quality goods. 

2. Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson’s rebranding did not revolve as much on logos or design as much as other companies did. Instead, the company focused on developing a better product. In 1985, the company was seriously struggling but was able to turn this around by improving the product offered. 

3. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is known for its ability to revamp its brand identity, and that ability is part of what makes the company such a persistent power in the fast food space. Most recently, the company embraced bright colors and text as a design medium in 2016. McDonald’s has also made an effort to appeal to more health-conscious customers through branding and the food they offer. 

4. Dunkin’

In 2019, this company made a splash by rebranding its name from Dunkin’ Donuts to simply Dunkin’ in an effort to draw attention to the products offered by the company that are not donuts. This echoes efforts by other fast food companies to appeal to customers seeking out healthy options. Another goal of this rebrand was to honor earlier iterations of the company while helping to modernize.

5. Old Spice

Previously, Old Spice was known as a popular product used by older men. That was before the brand made a big rebranding push in 2010. This push made an effort to appeal to younger people through an irreverent ad campaign, a strong social media presence, and product rebranding. These changes created a lot of buzz and were considered a big success. This success is reflected in consistently increasing sales. 

6. Guinness

While many other companies were embracing the minimalist design trend in 2016, Guinness decided to go in the other direction. The company transformed its simple logo into a more detailed logo.This choice was made in an effort to embrace the history of the brand. The goal of the team behind the new logo was to make the harp in the logo better reflect a real harp. Added detail is used to echo the quality and rich history of the company.  

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