5 Super Easy Ways to Use Short Links for Your Brand

September 26, 2022 studiob2

Last Updated on September 26, 2022 by studiob2

Short links are a powerful tool for condensing website addresses and making the internet even more accessible, sharing valuable information, products, and services while making this content easier to navigate. They help inspire trust in your business and can be easily remembered when shortened with your brand name. The question is, how do you use short links, also called branded links? 

Here Are 5 Ways to Use Short Links in Branding Recommended by the Pros 

1. Digital Marketing

Ads, particularly online, limit the amount of words and characters you’re able to use. The goal is to condense information. Shortening your links in online markwring saves space, plus gives your audience a surefire route to your website. Branded links can include specific information that is concisely displayed.

2. Emails

If you run a business, then you’re very familiar with the amount of emails sent on a daily basis by now. Why not take advantage of this necessity by incorporating calls to action paired with short links, directing the recipient to your content in a way that conveniently contains branding info?

3. QR Codes

Did you know that you can use short links in QR codes? While this will vary depending on the service you use to shorten them, QR codes generated with the services are equipped with their very own short link, helping you connect people with your business in mere seconds.

4. Social Media

Social media is a must in the modern age, to both advertise your content and communicate with your audience. Many social media websites and apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, give you the ability to use branded links, saving space and time while encouraging your audience to click on the custom words of your choosing!

5. Text Messages

Much like social media and emails, many brands are opting to include SMS text messages as part of their communication, either to notify their audience or market their content.

Branded links used for SMS messaging delivered straight to your audience’s phone can generate a high volume of unique clicks for fast and easy engagement personalized to your clients, customers, or other parties.

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