A Photographer’s Quick Guide to Understanding Color Temperature

November 30, 2022 studiob2

Last Updated on November 30, 2022 by studiob2

You might not realize the impact color temperature in photography or film has, but it really does matter. It makes all the difference in capturing colors how they truly are or how you want them to be. This quick guide to understanding color temperature will help you tell your story professionally and with feeling. 

What Is Color Temperature, and How Is It Measured?

Ranging from warm to cool colors, the color temperature is a set of numerical values that measure the color characteristics of a light source. To simplify, color temperature is the warmth or coolness of light. 

Much like the weather temperature is measured in degrees or celsius, color temperature also has a measurement, Kelvin. It is a scientific scale in which warmth is indicated by the lowest number and cool is indicated by the highest. 

As an example, a clear blue sky measures 10,000 kelvins. A candle flame measures around 1,500 kelvins. 

What Is White Balance, and What Does It Have to Do With Color Temperature?

Have you ever taken a photo indoors and ended up with a yellow tint to your picture? Or maybe you’ve used your flash and your photo is way too blue? If so, your white balance was off. 

The colors seemed balanced when you viewed the scene with your naked eye, but your camera captured something different. Why?

Your brain has the ability to compensate for color temperature, and that’s why what we see looks normal.  Unless you have very specific equipment settings, a camera will not compensate the same way you do. 

When you use an incorrect camera setting, your photos or videos turn out either too orange (warm) or too blue (cold). It takes white balance to achieve the right color temperature. 

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