5 Tips to Hire the Best Professional for Real Estate Photography in Delray Beach

February 20, 2021
February 20, 2021 studiob2

Last Updated on February 21, 2021 by studiob2

Selling your home or commercial property in Delray Beach? Professionally photographed images make a big difference. Your listing is usually the first thing people see, and it’s important to make an outstanding first impression. According to studies, people spend 60% of their time looking at the photos alone! Here are some tips for hiring a professional for real estate photography in Delray Beach.

1. Hire a photographer that specializes in real estate photography.

While it may be tempting to call up your wedding photographer – don’t! Taking professional images of real estate requires different equipment and a highly trained eye for best results.

2. Ask to see listings they have photographed for real estate photography in Delray Beach.

Be sure to look at complete listings they have professionally photographed. Unlike hiring a photographer for other images, you don’t want to just see a portfolio of their best shots. Viewing listings in their entirety gives you examples of how their work comes together to show off a property. 

3. Ask what types of images you’ll be getting.

Listings now offer a variety of image types, virtual tours, and more. Ask if they offer virtual tours and drone photography. Be sure to look at examples in their previous work. If your home has beautiful views, find out if they are experienced in shooting window views. 

4. Make sure the real estate photographer has the proper lighting.

A good real estate photographer has a variety of lighting equipment like flashes and strobes to get just the right look.

5. Find out how soon the real estate photography in Delray Beach images will be available.

Most professional real estate photographers understand that listings need to go up quickly and should have a fast turnaround time after the shoot. Be sure to ask how quickly you’ll receive edited images after the shoot.

For outstanding images for real estate photography in Delray Beach, contact Studio B2! We offer next-level images to bring out the best in your property. Call us today at 954-854-6148 to learn more or book a consultation online.