The Capture

Our photos never bomb. 


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our photography speaks for itself. Trusted by some of the most notable corporations, business owners, and restaurateurs locally and nationwide, Studio B2 excels in images that tell stories.


Executive Lifestyle Portraits


These hybrid sessions are designed to provide you with that not-so-fun, executive portrait coupled with a fun, natural light, lifestyle session around the surrounding area.  


Now you're not so boring!


Event Photography


Definitely love photographing events.  Love the story telling!  Simply love the interaction with the event goers. We always love capturing those moments, even when you're not looking.


Food and Beverage Photography


Now food and beverage photography is something that really is fun and filling all at the same time.  Capturing a chef's creation and grabbing the essence of the bartender's concoction is an art all in itself.


There is nothing like a beautiful dish frozen in time!


Social Media and Collateral Photography


Imagery has become so much more important on so many levels! The uses have expanded from the tradition printing to online needs (think websites and social media).  And using awesome photographs should not be questioned.


From products, to your company interiors to the interaction with your clients in a natural setting, you can’t go wrong with great photography to promote your business.


Real Estate Photography


We all know (at least my Realtor friends) that great interior and exterior photographs will only enhance the selling experience.  Not only Realtors need Real Estate Photography though.  Developers, General Contractors, Interior Designers, and even the small guy around the corner can use some great images to showcase their work.


Warning: Our style of photography incorporates numerous styles and tactics to achieve the desired images needed for just about anything you need them for.  Don't be surprised if we climb a tree to get that shot!

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